Surgie recognizes that the field of surgery is currently undergoing a revolution, in the direction of minimally invasive surgeries, e.g. laparoscopic.

Minimally invasive surgeries allow patients to recover significantly more quickly, reducing time in hospital, and to increase survival rates e.g. in oncology. These minimally invasive techniques are however of a higher complexity than traditional techniques. They demand more effective teaching methodologies than printed surgery books which are the standard of today. Surgie offers a video-based distant learning platform dramatically speeding up dissemination and adaptation of new  surgery techniques, and providing interactivity far beyond what is possible with traditional means.

Surgie’s distant teaching platform, is based on high-resolution wide-angle and 360° video capturing of surgeries and other medical procedures with multiple synchronised cameras.

All the cameras are installed and wired in advance on positions that are dependent of the type of surgery. This is innovative per se, reducing costs and contamination risks dramatically since a single person performs the capturing without needing access to the operation room. The moderating surgeon can perform the live cutting (pan, tilt,zoom, switch between cameras)  himself without the help of a director.

It is also safer for the patient, because the surgeon focuses on the operation and not on instructing cameramen filming the procedure. In contrast to traditional live video streaming, it allows dramatically better control of timing and content.

This way of working allows you to stream a surgery that was recorded in advance, for educational and research purposes. Surgie’s distant learning platform allows full freedom to re-view an operation post factum from any angle with full control over timing.

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