At Surgie we are looking for the best way to teach surgeons how to operate. Despite all the great surgery books in the world, it is better to learn through better and comprehensive imaging techniques.

360° filming gives you the most broad view possible but lacks detail in most cases. Details are very important when you are teaching surgery. We had to come up with a solution that gives you the perfect overview of the surgery and also showed all the necessary details as well. AZILPIX came up with a hardware solution. It consists of a 360° camera (6 times HD) and 4 cameras filming at 12 Mpx with a field of view of 180° degrees.

The most important thing in developing a platform like this, is partnering with people who are the best in their field.We needed hardware developers and programmers who understood our idea.The biggest challenge was handling the huge dataset created by several camera’s.Recording, streaming, stitching and broadcasting in realtime at a speed of 9Gb each 2 seconds asked for a solid and state of the art hardware solution.

After a thorough market study, we found that only one company could support us because of their vast experience and expertise in the field of processing power and storage: Intel.We contacted Intel and they were immediately interested to talk about our project and see if they could be of any added value to us.After studying our needs carefully, Intel came up with a plan to handle our realtime number crunching and storage. This gave us the opportunity to develop our platform.

Therefore we would like to take the opportunity to thank the guys at Intel to believe in our project and to support us all the way!

on VTM (national news)

Surgie was on the national news today. For the first time ever, a medical procedure was filmed in 360° and VTM covered this operation on the evening news.

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